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Ravin uses computer vision and deep learning to inspect vehicles using most camera types, under most physical conditions, removing the hassle and cost in renting, insuring or buying vehicles.

US Operations Manager

Hands-on professional to ensure delivery of camera system installations across North America.

  • Highly organised and able to work at both strategic and tactical levels

  • Experience of developing and managing relationships with customers and suppliers 

  • Understanding of camera systems, computer networking, and video processing (previous experience in the security / CCTV industry an advantage)

  • Experience of managing work at complex operational sites (e.g. airports, car parks, sports stadiums)

  • General understanding of optics, physics of photography and signal/noise sources – related education an advantage

  • Good general computer skills - ability to work with and learn different software interfaces

  • Ability to design simple experimental systems and build them with hands, when necessary

  • Job requires frequent travel (East/West coasts)

  • Competent with hand tools, and to undertake basic mechanical and electrical construction and repairs if required

  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills

Full Stack / Backend Developer (Haifa, Israel)

  • Proven experience (3+ years) in full stack development including microservice architecture, cloud solutions, Node.js and Python, Object Oriented and functional programming, Databases: RDS, NOSQL (MongoDB, DynamoDB), MemCache.

  • Highly motivated, team player stimulated by ambitious delivery targets 

Machine Learning Developer (Haifa, Israel)

  • Proven experience in algorithms development

  • Proven experience in releasing software into production

  • Proven hands on experience in Python

  • Highly motivated, team player stimulated by ambitious delivery targets

  • M.Sc./Ph.D. degree focusing on  ML / CV / Algorithms strong preference.

  • Familiarity with a DL framework (Keras/Tensorflow/Pytorch/..)

  • Hands on experience in openCV

  • Linux knowledge

  • Experience working on a cloud environment

QA Engineer (Kyiv, Ukraine)

  • 2+ years of experience as a manual QA Engineer preferably on web or mobile projects

  • Knowledge of software testing methodologies

  • Intermediate level of English language


An advantage:

  • Experience with Quality Management Systems (Spira, Youtrack)

  • Experience in API testing (Postman, Rapise)

  • Experience of work with Git, TeamCity

  • Understanding of Agile and Scrum methodologies

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