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Returning a rental car on your way back to the airport has always been a tricky process. 

What damage will they find on my car? How will I prove it’s not my fault? 

In reality, not many understand that car rental companies are simply trying to get the vehicle ready to serve the next customer. 

But something gets lost in the process. Rental agents who are supposed to greet you and wish you a good journey end up wasting time and aggravating customers. Statistically, they can’t afford to just ‘let it go’ since the cost of missing damage can destroy the profitability of any rental fleet. 

Why is vehicle damage such a big deal? 

First, it’s very common. With the likelihood of an incident being well over 5% and sometimes 10% in a single rental, based on Ravin’s experience with leading industry players. 

Second, the cost of damages can be prohibitive for any car sharing or rental business. Each damage costs anything between $300 and many thousands of dollars in repair or value depreciation, which means that a sustainable rental business must have vehicle damage under control. 

The good news is that it’s totally possible to create both a positive customer experience and effectively manage damage. 

Using off-the-shelf security cameras it is possible to create a 360 scan of rental cars at the start and end of a rental. The scan would provide a full view of pre-existing damage and any new damage incurred during the rental. The damage to be charged will follow the standards of the rental company and images will be provided to the customer as indisputable evidence. 

To the car rental company this means picking up more correct damage - meaning that millions of dollars left on the table today in missed damage would return to the bottom line. Importantly, difficult confrontations with customers will now disappear as only those who have really damaged their rental cars would be presented with compelling evidence. The vast majority of customers, those that do not damage the vehicle, will enjoy peace of mind after they picked up the rental car, and enjoy faster check-out and be on their way to catch their flight. 

Automated damage management enables a whole new rental experience - one that does not involve queues to pick up and drop off vehicles, no arguments about damage, and only customer-centric service. 

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