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Updated: May 3, 2020

COVID-19 has definitely put a dent in the auto industry in the worst way possible. Lockdowns, travel restriction and slower economic activity led to sharp declines in used car sales. Most dealerships or auctions remained closed during April.

But leading indicators now show that the US market is starting to turn the corner. Jefferies reports that miles travelled by cars are actually rising again, helped by the low fuel prices and lifting of restrictions in several states. The clever used car dealers are already out looking to refresh their inventory with quality units at rock-bottom prices. The trouble is that most dealers will still have to compete on the best deals while sitting remotely behind their screens.

As digital dealerships now need to assess used customer vehicles for trade-ins in our new remote world, what tools can they use to make faster decisions?

In two words - condition reporting. We believe that accurate, remote condition reporting tools can and should be made accessible to consumers wishing to sell their cars via online platforms. This means, you don’t need to perform full physical inspection on every vehicle and you can profile the most serious customers in advance. For the car owners it’s an easy way to receive a guaranteed quote and complete the trade-in without setting foot at the dealership.

Is trusted, automated condition reporting possible?

At Ravin, we have assessed over 1 million vehicles, some belonging to the world’s greatest fleets such as Avis Budget. Our deep learning software picks up images from any camera and returns a damage profile of the vehicle.

We recognize some clear patterns showing how well a vehicle is being looked after. And we understand that well-kept vehicles keep their value.

Therefore we’ve just launched a light-weight, mobile-phone version of our vehicle scanning platform, Ravin Inspect. With Ravin Inspect, you can send your customer a link and get a professional-grade condition report that allows you to put a price on the car and get the trade-in done.

What’s different about Ravin Inspect?

First, it’s very accessible. All you need is a device with a decent camera, standard browser (iOS use Safari, Android use Chrome) and internet connectivity. You don’t even need to download an app or set it up, meaning that you can send your customer a link and ask them to spend a few minutes next to their vehicle.

Second, it’s highly automated thanks to unique Artificial Intelligence we have built especially for vehicle assessments. Rather than just asking your customer to take photos, the technology does most of the inspection by itself. It knows, for example, if the entire car has been scanned and if the customer may be hiding damaged areas.

Finally, our reports are aligned with industry standards making it easier to review a large number of vehicles and close the deal with the customer remotely. When the customer is finished all the images get uploaded in full colour and high resolution to a dashboard where your appraiser can sit behind their desk (or at home), receive a vehicle history report and approve an automatically-generated condition report.

Send your customers a link today and get their vehicle appraised within minutes, in-line with industry standards and without leaving your office. Scan your own inventory for a full transparency with your customer and faster trade-in.

Try it now!

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