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Life does not stop completely with the Corona Virus / COVID-19. Now more than ever, fleets and vehicle service facilities need to keep running and provide essential supplies: food, electricity, water and raw materials to billions of people in their homes.

Moreover, there is an important role for emergency fleets - from ambulances to rescue teams, fire fighters and the police, to ensure that life goes on throughout this crisis. Vehicles are still involved in incidents, experience breakdowns and need to be checked for safety.

At the same time, automotive professionals that are used come to work every day in repair shops and fleet hubs, are now forced to work from home. Some of them may have fallen ill themselves, and many sites are working with reduced staff.

Digital vehicle inspection solutions can ensure continuity and productivity during and after the crisis. The key is ease of deployment and usage from everywhere.

In partnership with fleet professionals worldwide, Ravin has created an artificial intelligence enabled platform that allows inspectors from across the industry to review vehicles remotely.

It's simple: pick up your mobile phone, and using Ravin's web app start scanning the vehicle. Of course, if Ravin's AutoScan are connected to CCTV cameras at your site, the scans will stream onto your web platform automatically. Complete the scan with a few simple steps and obtain an initial fault flagging by the system.

Finally, review faults and damages flagged by the system and decide whether the vehicle needs to be brought in for service or replacement.

Ravin's remote inspection platform allows anyone to keep track of their vehicles while working from home, and even buy and sell cars with the click of a button.

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