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Trying to sell your car? 3 tips you must read and 1 way to get a firm offer from your home

Let’s face it. Selling or trading in your car has always been a tedious process with many variables and uncertainties across every website, valuation tool and self appraisals you can find.

Eventually, your buyer will ask you to come down and get your car inspected. Then, inevitably something wrong will be found and you’ll be asked to take a price cut.

It doesn't have to be this way. Now, with COVID-19 making physical meetings even more difficult, but there are ways to post your car online and get it sold quickly.

If you're using the general ad boards, make sure to follow three basic steps:

Make sure you put all the important details in the right spot.

Model, Make, Year, Mileage and Trim should be up front. This is how most buyers search for vehicles.

What is special about your vehicle?

Is it a sunroof? Leather seats? Something that pops up next to dozens of other similar models will increase your chances of getting noticed.

Tell us about YOU

Interestingly, we found that car sellers tend to avoid giving too much information about themselves, thinking that buyers only care about the car itself. This is wrong. Knowing who you are can tell a buyer how well you’ve taken care of the car, your driving patterns, oil change frequency and more.

Now, if you really want to up your game and get serious cash offers, it’s worth getting an objective inspection done..

Get a third party to verify your car’s condition

Buyers and sellers are simply trying to find out how good your car has been maintained, and whether you’ve been involved in an incident. Now it’s one thing for you to say that all’s good, but what if a credible third party could confirm it?

There is now a way to get an independent condition report within minutes and receive cash offers

Like no other 'appraisal tool' out there, Ravin Inspect uses deep image analysis technology to produce an accurate condition report of your vehicle.

You simply sign up on our website, receive your unique link and navigate to our web-enabled inspection tool (no need to download an app!). Within minutes, your vehicle receives a condition report. It helps you stand out from the crowd and gives buyers more confidence in offering you a fair price.

Ravin has already partnered with selected dealers who will look at vehicles with a Ravin Inspect report, and provide cash offers.

Sign up here to get started!

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