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Remote appraisals moving automotive markets into a touch-less world amidst COVID-19

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Managing an auto retail and wholesale business just became a lot harder.

With social distancing rules, and some areas in complete lock-down, many dealers and auctions are forced to shut down their physical operations and may opt to ramp down the business altogether.

But market data (shared by McKinsey here and others) shows that customers are clearly looking to keep buying and selling cars remotely - 'kicking the tires' may not be as important as it used to be.

We find that the key to online vehicle transactions is reliable condition reporting. Condition reports ensure that your reputation remains solid and value can be relied upon, which is even more important when your partners or customers are making purchase decisions without touching the vehicle.

At Ravin we are committed to helping you carry out more, faster and trusted condition reporting online.

Using a one-click web-based mobile experience, you can allow a seller to remotely scan their vehicle: a 360 walk around assisted by revolutionary artificial intelligence ensuring completeness and generating cataloged components of the vehicle, instantly creating high resolution images allowing for remote expert appraisal, repair estimates and vehicle scoring.

Finally, Ravin’s all-digital condition reports will be pushed through your interface to consumers and upstream markets, to help gather vehicle condition from the convenience of our homes.

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* Open to eligible partners during COVID-19 crisis.

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