Turn your camera into the ultimate vehicle inspector

Ravin uses computer vision and deep learning to detect and monitor vehicle condition leveraging mobile phones and standard CCTV cameras

Powering a range of vehicle transactions

Fleets &


Track your assets.

Drive customer loyalty.

Maximize remarketing value.

Remarketing platforms

Churn units faster.

Boost value per unit.

Bring consistency to condition reports.

Insurance providers

Settle claims faster.

Cut down logistics. 

Reduce fraud and inaccuracies.

A suite of advanced inspection  products at your disposal

Flexible sets of CCTV-style cameras. 

Conveniently positioned in driveways. 

Capturing changes in vehicle condition 24/7.

The most powerful inspection app yet. 

Triggered from a link to your mobile browser. 

Enabled by DeepDetect artificial intelligence. 

Web dashboard for fleet managers,

claim agents and remote assessors. 

Virtual 360 tour, flexible reporting and integrations. 

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