Our web-based Mobile App allows non-professionals to perform an AI-enabled inspection remotely

360 walkaround scanning, AI-assisted to ensure full angle capture and quality

Automatically capture damages shown to camera (‘zoom-in’)

Automatically capture license plate and Vehicle IDs

Scanning event saved to both app and Eye portal while
minimizing data usage and bandwidth

Easily integrated into most fleet, claims and remarketing platforms


Ravin ‘AutoScan’ Camera System - for seamless scanning

A set of 4 or more CCTV-style cameras connected to recording devices and to any internet connection, allowing 24/7 scanning of moving vehicles at up to 30 km / h (20 miles / hour)

Flexible for physical environments and budget

Capture vehicle condition logs for any movements

Automatically flag exterior issues (dents, scratches, broken, misaligned or replaced panels) in vehicles to onsite inspectors or remote body shops.

Automatically generate listing-ready remarketing photos


Ravin’s Eye web dashboard allows vehicle parts and potential damage to be reviewed from dozens of angles, preparing the final inspection report

Output from either mobile Inspect app or Autoscan cameras.

360 views on spinner and high resolution images, zooming into potentially damaged areas.

Curate and export condition reports with damage types, severity and cost, multi-angle views.

Vehicle cards and fleet history reports.

Services also available as APIs to third parties.

APIs &

No matter which tools you use, Ravin easily integrates into your existing apps, databases and business flows.

Ravin highly-experienced Implementation Squads will ensure a smooth transition to your new AI-enabled toolkit.

Tested and run by the world's largest automotive players, our solutions are built for security and scale.

DeepDetect AI

The industry's most mature, award winning inspection AI.

Built for damage detection and condition reporting from day one.

Combines intuitive multi-angle data capture with active quality and fraud controls.

Used by leading industry customers, with published results over millions of samples (see Blog for case studies).