13 Tested Tips For Gathering Internal Feedback To Build Effective Tech Tools

February 14, 2022 1:15 PM

In many companies, an in-house IT team develops the various tech tools used by the staff to complete and manage their work. Additionally, companies that build B2B tech products often opt to “eat their own dog food” and use the same tools that they sell or license for operations themselves. In either case, dev teams often find that their own team members can be their toughest clients.

Whether the tech tools your developers are building are only used internally or are used by clients across the globe, chances are that if your internal teammates don’t find them effective, you’ve got a big problem. They’re your first, best clients, so gathering and incorporating their feedback is an essential step in building truly user-friendly and helpful tech tools. Below, 13 members of Forbes Technology Council share effective ways to collect feedback from the whole company so the end product meets users’ real needs.


10. Follow Your Usual Iterative Development Practices

Just as you would with products built for external customers, start with an MVP and let people use it. Follow that up with iterative development using exactly the same product development methodologies, including collecting relevant examples from real users. - Eliron Ekstein, Ravin AI Limited

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