Top 10 Israeli Automotive Startups & Companies of 2022

July 14, 2022 8:11 PM

The automotive industry continues to drive in the fast lane, innovating the way one interacts, uses, and even purchases vehicles. Artificial intelligence (AI) and information-centric technologies (such as big data), help individuals and companies incorporate software solutions into daily transactions. Consumers and users have more knowledge about their purchased, rented, leased, borrowed, or even car-sharing vehicles, than ever before. Many of these automotive startups have become or are becoming globally successful companies while advancing and changing the industry at large. 

This article takes a deeper look into 10 top Israeli Automotive startups and automotive companies of 2022: 

1. VIA - powering the World’s Most Advanced Public Mobility Systems. Via has developed innovative solutions for on-demand and pre-scheduled transit, powered by the world's most advanced technology. Making transit systems more efficient by converting them into digital networks. A combination of advanced technology, global network planning, and strong relationships with cities helps Via transform partnerships and ideas into reality.

2. The Arbe Group - is a global leader in Imaging Radar Solutions and is enabling truly safe advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) today as well as paving the way for fully autonomous transportation in the future. By leveraging Arbe chipsets, automakers and Tier 1 companies have access to a sensing solution 100x more detailed than any other on the market, suited for every level of autonomous vehicles. Arbe is empowering OEMs, Tier 1s, and commercial vehicles with paradigm-changing perceptions.

3. Foretellix - the platform enables mass deployment of autonomous driving systems by testing, verifying, and validating products during the product development process. Using a quantifiable approach to safety and hyper-automation, Foretellix creates and tests all the possible scenarios these systems could encounter, while also using big data analytics to ensure the safety and completeness of the testing process. As part of its strategy, Foretellix utilizes proven approaches from the semiconductor chip industry, including hyper-automation, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence. Using the platform, ADS deployment can be expedited, development costs can be reduced, and time-to-market can be shortened.

4. Hailo – Halo’s breakthrough 8-edge with the unprecedented performance of up to 26 Teraflops, the AI processor is designed specifically for running embedded AI applications efficiently on edge devices Operations per Second (TOPS). The chip uses a novel architecture that makes use of the fundamental properties of neural networks, enabling the cost-effective deployment of ADAS today, as well as paving the path for the development of autonomous vehicles in the future.

5. Innoviz – a leading manufacturer of high-performance, solid-state LiDAR (Laser imaging detection and ranging) sensors and perception software that are capable of bringing vision to virtually any environment. By going beyond cameras or radar, Innoviz's LiDAR provides a comprehensive 3D image of a scene that exceeds the strictest safety and performance requirements in the automotive industry.

6. Ride Vision - a Rider Assistance System designed specifically for motorbikes and their riders. As part of the system, two small cameras are mounted on the front and rear of the vehicle, as well as a computer system that monitors the road throughout the ride using a patented algorithm to detect possible collision threats and alert the rider in real-time without disturbing the rider's concentration while riding.

7. GoToGlobal - a multimodal shared-mobility company, offering shared cars, vans, mopeds, kick scooters and E-bikes to private and business customers. The company has its own proprietary technology and operates its fleet in a sustainable manner.

8. AutoFleet - fleet operators and logistics providers have access to the only comprehensive solution for optimizing existing operations and launching new on-demand passenger and logistics services. With the help of AutoFleet, fleets can maximize their utilization and revenues as well as reduce fleet downtime and create new mobility services. By incorporating advanced machine learning algorithms, the platform utilizes demand prediction, dynamic pricing, automated fleet in-and-out processes, and demand-supply matching in real-time to enhance existing operations and launch new business models for on-demand mobility.

9. Argus - specializing in cybersecurity for the automotive industry. A modern vehicle contains dozens, if not hundreds, of computers controlling many different aspects of the vehicle, including the steering system and the infotainment system. As a result of the increased number of connectivity options available in vehicles, such as cellular antennas and Bluetooth transmitters, these computers have been found to be susceptible to a wide variety of attacks. As part of its comprehensive security solution, Argus has developed a system that monitors commands being passed between the various components of a vehicle in order to detect malicious behavior within it.

10 -  Autolead Star - specializes in providing digital marketing solutions for the automotive industry that allows dealers to market and sell by one-to-one targeting, online, and at scale. With AutoLeadStar's technology, highly accurate, one-to-one matches between car buyers and sellers can be made at scale, speed, and specificity. By providing information on each car, assessing each customer, and making a match, AutoLeadStar is able to produce an average of four and a half times more quality leads in a market worth over $1.5 trillion dollars.

How Ravin AI is Impacting the Automotive Startup Industry

Ravin AI is transforming the automotive sector with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Ravin assists automobile owners to increase control over automated vehicle inspections through a digital check. Ravin’s automated software helps fleet managers, insurance providers, and remarketing platforms, better understand the condition of a vehicle while saving on time and money. 

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