How Automatic Vehicle Inspections Simplify Insurance Claims

October 9, 2022 4:03 PM

Anyone who has ever been in a car accident knows how things usually go: the two sides discuss, look at the damage, each has his/her own opinion and in the end, inaccurate damage assessments are usually made. 

Once a vehicle makes its way to the garage, the insurance company will use an appraiser to assess the damage. The issue with manual inspections is that they are naturally subjective, and appraisers may notice certain damage and not others, and while they may try to remain reasonable and fair, it’s difficult to balance across the interests of three different parties: the claimant, the body shop and the insurance carrier. 

Wouldn’t it be great if there were an objective source of truth using today’s advanced technology? Here’s how Ravin AI’s automatic vehicle inspection can help both sides after an accident as well as simplify insurance claims post-accident. 

How Car Insurance Companies Typically Handle Vehicle Inspections After an Accident 

The world has advanced technologically but unfortunately, the car inspection industry has, in many cases, not yet moved beyond pen and paper. After an accident, the process is overwhelmingly manual and therefore, subjective. 

With today’s methods and technologies, not much can be done about the subjective nature of car inspections. However, digital vehicle inspection tools are changing the way the market works.

Why Using a Digital Vehicle Inspection Tool is More Beneficial for Insurance Claims

Integrating technology into vehicle inspections after accidents is a positive thing for all parties involved, from the drivers involved in the accident, the insurance company, and even the repair garage, who can prepare for the vehicle repair ahead of time. By integrating technology, such as Ravin AI’s solution, insurance providers can benefit from shorter cycle times and more transparent estimates. 

Furthermore, customers, inspectors, and drivers can benefit from: 

  1. Reduced claim cycle time from days/weeks/months to minutes. By integrating technology into the vehicle inspection process, things move much faster. This leads to more productive claim processes and of course, happier customers.
  2. Limit fraud and supplements. When integrating AI into the vehicle inspection process, the chances of fraud and additional supplements is highly limited, as the process is objective and the car is inspected before additional damages can be added to a claim. 
  3. Empower and create transparency between insurer, customer, and repair shop. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of tension between the parties involved after an accident (understandably in many cases as it’s a highly upsetting experience!). 

When a digital vehicle inspection is completed, there can be no doubt about fairness or possibly missing something. A computer and AI do the work! 

Ravin AI Provides a Vehicle Inspection Solution for Insurance Providers

With Ravin, insurance providers can feel confident when inspecting vehicles after an accident. The process is easy, quick, and most importantly, foolproof. 

Ravin AI Provides Condition Assessments to the Insurance Provider

This entire inspection process leads to a detailed assessment allowing individual customers to make informed decisions regarding repairs, a cash settlement, or pursuing a physical inspection for the damaged vehicle.

Ravin AI’s Vehicle Inspection Helps Insurance Companies, Repair Shops, and the Customer

Ravin's AI-powered solution for insurance providers automates claims processes, improves customer experience, and reduces costs for insurers. Using the Ravin Inspect app, customers quickly capture damages on the spot while our advanced AI automatically assesses the condition. This supports insurers in their decision on the repair needed to be done, e.g. whether a quick repair or cash settlement can be provided or a more thorough physical assessment is required. Repair centers receive full visibility of each claim using the remote Ravin's Eye dashboard - allowing them to participate in taking quotes for repairs.

Start Using Ravin AI’s Technology for your Inspections Today

Add the Ravin AI solution to your existing insurance or claim management process and cut down claim cycle times from days or hours to minutes. With our technology, insurance providers can help prevent fraud and supplements, empower their customers with transparency and increase customer satisfaction.

Contact Ravin today to learn more about how we can provide unparalleled vehicle inspection solutions for your insurance company. Learn more about our vehicle inspection solution for insurance providers here.

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