Ravin AI's Digital Vehicle Inspection App

June 30, 2022 6:31 PM

Enjoy Faster and Easier Vehicle Inspections with Ravin’s Mobile App

Ravin’s Inspect mobile web- app allows anyone to easily conduct a vehicle inspection using just their cell phone. The app is highly configurable, giving customers the ability to adapt the exact inspection steps to their specific requirements. And, because it’s a web-based app, users don’t have to download anything - it can run directly in their browser.

Ravin’s market-leading AI supports the user throughout the inspection process, from reading the VIN or license plate, labeling suspected damages, automatically capturing the remarketing beauty shots, to creating a condition grade and summary of repair suggestions and costs.

How Ravin’s Vehicle Inspection App Works

To capture the exterior condition of a car, a user can complete a simple 360° scan. From their perspective, it feels like they’re capturing a short 30 second to 1 minute video. But in the background, the AI is working its magic by analyzing the different frames and picking the best ones to be uploaded and stored.

Ravin’s unique in-app AI is able to process images in real-time and provide users with instant feedback about damages. Unlike other inspection apps, the images don’t need to be uploaded to the cloud and processed before returning any results. The in-app AI can also provide feedback to the user so they know they’re doing a great scan.

In addition to the 360 exterior scan, Ravin’s Inspect app can be configured so the user can go through a full end-to-end vehicle inspection, including capturing the interior, missing and broken items and other issues that may not be visible from the exterior scan.

Or, the flow can even be simplified so the user is just scanning a specific damaged panel, which is key for insurance claims or incident reporting.  

Benefits of the Ravin Inspect Mobile App

Combining the power of AI with a human inspection makes assessing a vehicle’s condition faster and cheaper. It also ensures inspections are more objective, consistent and standardized, even when completed by someone who doesn’t know anything about cars!

The Ravin Inspect app also helps businesses automate their processes. For example, by automatically providing remarketing beauty shots and listing the vehicle on a remarketing platform. Or by giving each vehicle a condition grade, so they can be triaged for service or further assessment. For insurance companies, they can achieve straight-through-processing of smaller claims and flag claims that need more attention.

The app is simple to use, doesn’t require a user to go to an app store to download it and works on iOS and Android devices including iPads and tablets. It can even be sent via a one-time link directly to a customer.

List of Industries Benefiting from Ravin’s Vehicle Inspection App

The Ravin vehicle Inspect app is being used across a broad range of industries. Any process where vehicles are being inspected today can be turbocharged by implementing Ravin’s AI-powered products:

  • Remarketing / lease end / pre-term lease inspections
  • Rental check in and check out
  • Car auctions
  • Car marketplaces
  • Insurance claims
  • Insurance underwriting
  • Fleet condition management
  • Service and maintenance centers
  • Trade ins

Ravin Inspect’s Latest Software Updates

Here at Ravin, we’re constantly working on improvements and enhancements to the vehicle inspection app and the technology platform that supports it.

One of the areas we’re focused on is providing more in-app guidance to users, to make the inspection process intuitive and fun. We are uniquely positioned as we have a realtime AI running in the phone’s browser, so we can give users direct feedback and guidance during their inspection. We’ll soon be bringing Augmented Reality guidance features to our app to help further simplify the inspection process.

We have also just released an updated version of our check in tool for rental car companies and fleet managers, so they don’t have to rely on fully-manual inspections and paper-based condition reports to keep track of their fleets.

And we’ve updated our system so that our mobile Inspect app can be used alongside our stationary Autoscan camera system. This means that, especially for high volume locations, customers can combine the power of Ravin’s fixed camera installation with the flexibility of the mobile app. For example, customers can drive cars through the Autoscan system which will assess the exterior and then an agent or inspector can complete the interior inspection in the Inspect app. We are the leading AI inspection software provider that combines a mobile and stationary system product suite.


Any business looking to streamline and simplify their vehicle inspection processes can benefit from Ravin’s AI-powered vehicle inspection products. The Ravin Inspect app is simple to use and allows non-experts to conduct a thorough vehicle inspection. Having AI technology supporting the inspection ensures consistency, objectivity and speed, enabling trusted vehicle transactions.

Contact us to learn more about our vehicle inspection app.

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