Used Car Seller? Maximize Your Position with Quality Condition Reports

September 30, 2021 12:39 PM

Anyone keeping up on the news nowadays has surely heard about what’s going on in the used car industry. The low supply of new cars and continued demand for mobility, alongside COVID fears, have resulted in record demand levels for used cars. Vehicles that are 5-8 years old, with over 100,000 miles, have been selling between $15-25K (Source: Forbes), shattering purchase records (Source: Financial Times).  

Used car dealers or private car owners looking to sell their vehicle, should maximize their selling position with proper car documentation, checks, and inspections. While this has always been the case, today generating these reports is easier than ever.

Ravin offers a web-based, off-the-shelf mobile application that guides ordinary sellers (whether it’s a dealer or a private individual) to scan the condition of the vehicle and generate a professional-grade condition report. The report includes dozens of automatically created high-resolution images, minor damage disclosures, and even a condition score (1 to 5). This can be done seamlessly and quickly through Ravin’s proprietary artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms. The report is retrieved electronically and can be exported via PDF, email, as a file, or API call to any marketing platform out there. The opportunity to get results quickly and efficiently at a reasonable price puts you at a distinct advantage in the marketplace. A condition report at the touch of a button? Yes, please.

With Ravin, top car sellers are already trading vehicles online and gaining access to both commercial and personal buyers. Ravin has processed millions of vehicles across the US and Europe and works with the world’s largest fleets and remarketing platforms, such as ADESA and AutoVIN from KAR Global.

There’s a lot to get done when selling a new car. We’re here to make things easy, and safe, for car sellers, whether it’s your first car sale or you’re a veteran. Now’s your chance to sell your car and get the best price possible while feeling comfortable knowing you’ve generated an accurate, reliable, and quick condition report. Interested in a demo? Ping us at or fill out your details on our web page.

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