Top Automotive Conferences and Trade Shows in 2023

May 31, 2022 8:16 PM
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After two and a half years of COVID-19 craziness, the automotive industry is finally coming back together for a wide range of in-person conferences in 2023.

Automotive conferences are an important part of any company’s marketing strategy, a chance to get out, get to know your customers, see what’s going on in the industry, and more. Not only that, conferences are fun, and a great way to encourage your people to meet others in the industry and let loose outside the office walls. 

We’ve rounded up a list of our top automotive conferences in 2023 that you don’t want to miss below.

Why are Automotive Conferences and Trade Shows Important for your Business?

Companies that want to get their name out in the automotive industry and space, must make an effort to present at relevant conferences and trade shows. Not only will you be able to meet potential customers and showcase your solution, but visiting conferences is a statement about your company. When you attend a prestigious conference, you’ll be able to upload social media posts about what’s happening at the event, invite people to meet you, and more. 

Of course, we can’t forget about the endless learning opportunities at conferences. With the tech space and automotive field constantly adapting and developing, conferences and trade shows are the number one place to learn about new trends and technologies that will keep you relevant in the field. 

The top 2023 Automotive Conferences in the USA


Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: January 5-8. 2023

CES is one of the biggest and most influential tech conferences globally, featuring breakthrough technology in a wide range of fields including the automotive industry. 


Where: Dallas, Texas

When: January 26-29, 2023

The NADA conference features over 600 companies, showcasing the top innovations and auto solutions available on the market today. With more than 20,000 attendees, NADA is the place to get to know your customers, competitors, and more. 

Insurance AI and Innovative Tech USA 2023

Where: Chicago, Illinois 

When: April 12-23, 2023

Join 500+ insurance executives and insurtech leaders in Chicago on April 12 and 13th. The insurance industry is being inundated with the latest technology and overwhelmed with never ending data, leaving carriers struggling to future-proof their tech ecosystems and tap into the potential of data. This event gives you the opportunity to address challenges head on, gain insight from peers, and develop your vision for the future of insurance as you have never seen it before.

Automotive Retail 2023

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: May 3-4

Automotive Retail 2023 brings together senior OEM and dealership executives who will set the retail agenda for North America. This two-day event, driven by industry research, will address the most critical automotive retail issues, including:

  • Digital Dealership Strategy
  •  EV Marketing and Sales Acceleration
  • The future of the OEM/Dealer relationship
  • Ecommerce and meeting the needs of the modern consumer
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Informa Tech Automotive Awards 

Where: Detroit, Michigan

When: June 6

Celebrating Innovation, achievement, and collaboration in the autotech industry. These prestigious and anticipated awards celebrate the best talent, companies, products, and services working in AutoTech today. 


Where: Detroit, Michigan

When: June 7-8

AutoTech: Detroit brings together the full automotive tech industry to immerse attendees in the future of automotive, by showcasing the newest tech and the latest vehicles. Join over 3,000 attendees, 100 featured speakers, and 100 exhibitors and sponsors for insights on the full automotive tech ecosystem and discuss the latest trends driving the future of automotive. 


Where: San Fransico, California 

When: June 28-30

Bringing together more than 300 top industry experts and decision-makers in machine learning, neural networks, and perception, Auto.AI USA is the leading technical event on deep learning for SAE level 4 and 5 autonomous vehicles. The event will discuss self-supervised and behavioral learning concepts, scalable machine and reinforcement learning approaches, benchmarking perception, and computer vision systems for ADs with your peers from the automotive AI community.

Future of Insurance

Where: Chicago, Illinois 

When: June 28-29

Join 400+ senior industry executives at The Future of Insurance USA 2023. Designed by insurers, for insurers, bringing together key stakeholders from Strategy, Product, Technology, Customer, and Risk to transform products and services with new technology, meet shifting customer needs, and strategize for success in a changing world.

Connected Claims

Where: Chicago, Illinois 

When: October 11-12

Connected Claims USA will provide you with the key information you need to adapt to changing customer expectations, capitalize on digital insurance opportunities, and create a competitive edge.

AutoTech: Electrification 

Where: Detroit, Michigan

When: October 2023

At AutoTech: Electrification, a range of topics will be discussed including vehicle design and manufacturing, infrastructure improvements, battery and hydrogen advancements, business models, and more. AutoTech: Electrification is hosted by the industry analysts of Wards Intelligence and showcases deep-dive presentations and panel discussions on electrification strategies and technologies.

Wards 10 Best Award Series

Where: Detroit, Michigan

When: October 2023

Discover what's happening in each industry and meet your counterparts from other manufacturers and suppliers as your colleagues take the stage to accept honors on behalf of their teams.

The Wards 10 Best Award Series team of expert analysts evaluate nominated vehicles within each category over a designated amount of time by driving each vehicle on their daily commutes. They assess the features in each vehicle based on their judging criteria set for each 10 Best category. All analysts sit behind the wheel of each vehicle before gathering virtually to discuss their experiences and agree on the 10 Best.

Automotive USA 2023

Where: Detroit, Michigan

When: November 8-9

Government pressure to reduce emissions, safety concerns, and demand for new experiences are causing more disruption in the automotive industry today than in the last 50 years. The time to innovate is now. Automotive USA is the industry gathering to unite senior level OEM leaders who will address how they will build software-defined electric vehicles, reshape the OEM business model and plan for an autonomous future. This event, targeting a North American audience, will shape future strategies related to electrification, connectivity, autonomous vehicles, sustainability, supply chain management, and customer-first strategies.

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Top 2023 Automotive Conferences in the EMEA

OurCrowd Summit 

Where: Jerusalem, Israel

When: February 15

For one week in February, the startup world gathers in Jerusalem for the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, one of the premier events in the tech industry, and the largest investor event in the Middle East. Join over 23,000 people from 183 countries and attend what has become the fastest-growing major tech conference in the world.

InsurTech Insights 

Where: London, United Kingdom

When: March 2-3, 2023

With over 200 speakers, 1,200 insurtech companies, and 4000 leaders in the insurance field, InsurTech Insights is the place to be for those in the insurance industry.

EcoMotion Week

Where: Tel Aviv, Israel

When: May 2023

The EcoMotion conference focuses on the Smart Mobility field, featuring its community of 650 startups and 13,000 community members. The conference brings together start-ups and leaders in a wide variety of fields including autonomous & connected, mobility services, drones & aviation, and more, for a celebration of innovation. 

Automotive Europe 2023

Where: Munich, Germany

When: May 16-17

Automotive Europe 2023 is Reuters Events’ European flagship event that unites CEOs and board members from leading OEMs to take to the stage where they will set the European automotive agenda for years to come. This two-day event is curated by industry professionals to address the most critical issues in the European automotive industry including:

  • The Transition to Electric Vehicles
  • The Software Defined Vehicle
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Supply Chain
  • The Evolution of the OEM Business Model

ITC Europe

Where: Barcelona, Spain

When: June 27-29

The world’s largest gathering of insurance leaders and innovators:

Welcoming the insurance and insurtech industry’s finest to ITC Europe in Barcelona in June, expect everyone from industry execs to entrepreneurs to investors to gather so you can meet the entire value chain. See first-hand emerging technology showcases that will increase productivity, reduce costs, and ultimately enrich the lives of policyholders.

AutoTech: Europe

Where: Munich, Germany

When: November 15-16

To compete and to stay relevant, the automotive industry needs to transform the way it thinks, their future strategy and how they collaborate. AutoTech: Europe will focus on the future, the innovation, what can be and what is coming around the corner. By selecting speakers at the forefront of Europe's innovation, AutoTech: Euopre experts curate an event that allows you to gain a competitive edge, debate interrelated trends, and meet the full automotive technology value chain.

Tips to Make the Most Out of Automotive Conferences and Trade Shows

You’ve decided you’re attending one of the big auto conferences this year. Great! Now’s the time to get ready. In order to gain maximum exposure, leave a lasting impression on your potential clients, and network with the right people and companies, make sure to prepare in advance. 

  1. Prepare your booth and materials 

This may seem obvious, but it’s worthwhile to get started on this way in advance. Writing marketing materials specifically for the conference, planning the look of your booth, ordering the right SWAG, and more takes time. That’s why you’ll want to start working on this as soon as you decide that you’ll be heading to a specific conference. 

  1. Get the word out

You’ll meet a lot of people randomly at any conference, that’s a given. However, you want to make sure that the right people are looking for you and visiting you at your booth. That’s why you’ll want to post on your social media about the conference, write a blog post, and even add your booth information to your email signature. This makes it as easy as possible for people to look and find you while they’re at the event. 

  1. Do your homework

Are there companies that you want to connect with while you’re attending the conference or trade show? Do your research in advance to see who is going to be at the event, where they are located, and even reach out in advance to plan a time to meet up. 

  1. Consider hosting an event within the conference

Want to make things even more interesting? Create a mini-event for your colleagues and/or customers during the event. Send out invites and welcome people to join you for a lecture, a cocktail event, a demo, or anything else that fits your brand. 

Meet Ravin.AI in 2023 at the Following Automotive Conferences

Ravin.AI makes a point of attending the biggest conferences in the industry each year and we’d love to meet you there. 

During 2022 you can find us at the following automotive conferences:

  • NADA
  • OutCrowd Summit
  • CES
  • Digital Dealer
  • ITC

If you or your colleagues will be at any of the above automotive conferences in 2022, schedule a time to meet with us here

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