15 Practical Ways To Build A User-Centric Culture In A Tech Company

March 25, 2022 11:56 PM

Your C-suite, development team, and sales and marketing staff all agree: You’ve built a fantastic product. So why isn’t it selling well, or why are the reviews poor? It may be that you’ve forgotten the most important opinion of all: that of your users. Every business benefits from a focus on the customer or user experience, but it’s especially important for tech companies, whose whole reason for being is to solve a problem for users in a way those users find effective.

Establishing a truly user-centric culture in a tech company—especially among the development team—takes more than empty platitudes. Below, 15 members of Forbes Technology Council share practical ways to build a user-centric culture in a tech company.

"We ask our developers and marketers to engage in role-playing, where a developer tries to “sell” our product to the marketer—and then starts encountering and having to deal with “resistance.” Whenever possible, our devs also visit customers, and of course, they must practice using our product regularly." - Eliron Ekstein, CEO, Ravin AI.

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