Auto manufacturing: the next frontier for US tech sector

September 20, 2023 12:00 PM
Published in Automotive World, Ravin AI CEO Eliron Ekstein explores the resurgence of automotive manufacturing in the US and what that means for both the auto and tech industries.

First it was Japan, then Korea—and now it’s China that is contending for the crown as the world centre for auto manufacturing. That crown, of course, once belonged to the US, particularly Detroit. But it’s been decades since America has been seen as the world leader in auto manufacturing.

Over the past decade or so the auto industry has been reinventing itself, with electric vehicles (EVs), autonomous driving, and advanced onboard AI systems turning cars into computers on wheels. And that reinvention provides a potential opportunity for the US to return to its former leadership role, setting trends and advancing the technology that will power the vehicles of tomorrow.

The emerging renaissance of vehicle production in the US will lead to a resurgence of manufacturing, innovation, and technological advancements. Technology—in manufacturing, electronics and much more—has long been driven by the auto industry, and the mainstreaming of future technologies will likely be driven by the auto industry as well. Several major developments—including the return of chip manufacturing to the US, increased automation, government policy on EVs, and advanced AI development—are fuelling an infrastructure that will help centre the new automotive industry, and with it the future of advanced technology, on American shores.

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