Digital drive — The intersection of tradition & tech in auto remarketing

September 28, 2023 4:30 PM
This article was originally published in Auto Remarketing magazine, and authored by Ravin AI CEO Eliron Ekstein.

Nestled within the core of the vibrant auto remarketing ecosystem, vehicle inspection processes — once held sacred in their traditional form — are now under the lens of technological disruption. The cacophony of the past, filled with the tangible sounds of clipboard ticks and assiduous note-takings, is slowly being replaced by the symphonic hum of digitization.

Why, one might ponder, is an industry so steeped in traditional prowess turning its compass towards the siren call of modernity?

Glimpsing the rearview: Charting the legacy of car inspection

Travel back a couple of decades, and inspection bays echoed with a different kind of expertise. The tools of the trade? A magnifying glass, an unfaltering eye for detail, and an encyclopedic knowledge accumulated from years on the job. These inspectors, with their meticulously crafted skill set, were the bastions of vehicle quality control. Their nuanced methodologies, perfected over generations, were the heartbeat of every transaction in the remarketing sphere.

However, beneath this surface of expertise lurked a web of challenges. Subjectivity, an inherent trait of human assessment, meant that the same vehicle could elicit different evaluations based on the inspector. Factor in time pressures, and the otherwise scrupulous process faced occasional oversights. Additionally, the age-old manual documentation system, though tried and tested, was fraught with inconsistencies, leaving room for potential disputes and inefficiencies.

Fast forward to the present, and a paradigm shift is unfolding. Emerging inspection technologies promise not just unparalleled speed but also precision — ushering a renaissance in the remarketing lexicon.

You can read the article in full on the Auto Remarketing magazine website.
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