Ravin AI Obtains Japanese Patent for Revolutionary DeepDetect™ Car Inspection Technology

February 21, 2024 8:00 AM

Advanced AI and Camera Integration Set to Transform Global Vehicle Inspection Standards

Seki, Japan, February 21, 2024 – Ravin AI, a global leader in the development of AI-enhanced vehicle inspection tools, has announced the acquisition of a Japanese patent for its cutting-edge DeepDetect™ car inspection solution. This achievement mirrors the success of receiving similar patents in the United States and Europe, further cementing Ravin AI's position as a pioneer in the field.

DeepDetect™, an innovative technology, integrates high-level deep learning AI algorithms with stationary or mobile cameras. This synergy dramatically improves the precision of vehicle assessments, promoting a new level of transparency for car owners, service providers, and the automotive industry as a whole.

Awarded patents in the US and Europe last year, the DeepDetect™ solution signifies a significant advancement in vehicle damage evaluation. It employs stationary or mobile cameras to capture detailed images of vehicles. These images are then analyzed against a computed vehicle model through advanced algorithms, enabling meticulous damage reports. This method allows for a comprehensive inspection of each vehicle component in motion, delivering unmatched accuracy without limiting the angles of image capture.

Ravin AI's patented technology is already reshaping various sectors including used car dealerships, auctions, fleet management, car rental, insurance, and repair services. The DeepDetect™ solution enhances the speed and reliability of insurance claims, ensures fair pricing in the used car market, and provides transparent services for car rental customers, thereby redefining industry norms.

Eliron Ekstein, CEO and Co-founder of Ravin AI, comments on this milestone: "Securing the patent in Japan underscores our relentless pursuit of innovation and leadership in AI-powered vehicle inspection technology. The DeepDetect™ solution is more than an advanced tool; it is a groundbreaking technology that's redefining the standards of vehicle appraisal. It aligns with our mission to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction across a variety of sectors, from fleet management to insurance and car rental services."

Ravin AI's patented solution, featuring stationary and mobile capabilities, is designed to be adaptable and flexible, ensuring thorough vehicle inspection in any setting. Committed to leading the charge in AI-driven vehicle inspection advancements, Ravin AI continues to focus on delivering solutions that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in vehicle damage evaluation and reporting.

About Ravin AI:

Established in 2018 by Eliron Ekstein and Roman Sandler, Ravin AI is a leading international provider of automated AI solutions for vehicle inspections, serving a diverse clientele including fleet operators, insurance companies, and remarketing agencies. Distinct from conventional market offerings, Ravin AI utilizes readily available mobile and CCTV camera technology, eliminating the need for specialized hardware. Having raised $30 million to date, the company's investors include KAR Global, PICO Venture Partners, FM Capital, and Shell Ventures. For more information, visit Ravin.ai (https://www.ravin.ai).

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