Ravin, Alder Grove Automotive Ink Partnership, Bringing Ravin’s AI-Based Visual Inspection Tech to South Africa

June 8, 2023 7:05 PM

Ravin AI, a leader in AI-powered visual inspection across the fleet, rental, used car and insurance industries, announced Thursday its launch into the South African market and its strategic partnership with Alder Grove Automotive, one of the country’s fastest growing fleet management companies.

Fleet managers continuously face a host of challenges – including driver shortages, maintenance delays and supply chain issues – that require quick and efficient responses. One primary challenge is the necessity to perform regular inspections for all the cars in their respective fleet, a slow and tedious process currently being conducted manually.

Using computer vision and AI, Ravin’s technology automates the vehicle inspection process, ensuring fleet managers run more profitably, more efficiently, and with reduced risk. Ravin’s technology produces a condition report, more accurate than human inspection, in seconds, allowing for more efficient fleet repair maintenance in a fraction of the time. Additionally, Ravin enables fleet and driver monitoring to detect specific damages that may have occurred and who was driving at a specific time.

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