Saving lives one motorist at a time: The future of driving is here

May 24, 2022 12:47 AM

From computer vision to artificial intelligence, the advancements on display painted a telling picture of the ways we will interact with our vehicles in the near future.

ANOTHER NOTABLE company that utilizes AI to monitor vehicle wellness is Ravin AI, which uses computer vision technology to detect and monitor a vehicle’s condition by leveraging mobile phone cameras and standard CCTV footage to make efficient and accurate damage assessment reports. The technology enables users to take a 360° scan of any vehicle make or model. The AI algorithm can then find and flag if and where there’s damage, its severity and even assess how much it will cost to fix in a given location.

Ravin’s technology is a game changer for car dealerships and rental facilities that require frequent, accurate assessments of damage. The platform can detect 25% more damage to vehicles than human inspectors alone, and is in use worldwide, with customers such as Toyota Israel and Lexus.

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